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Edited 08/08/2006

This is my 2001 Audi TTQC 225 - Engine code "AMU" - It is named the "Uneek TT"!


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This is on the road, by myself, so I thought I had to snap a shot to prove how fast I was going.
I topped out at over 160 but could not snap a shot of that, you'll just have to trust me.

The original - this is how I got it in '04

Same thing, still no mods that I have done.

These next 4 just have new wheels.

OZ Racing Superleggeras


And then I got another set of wheels (yes, that makes 3 full sets so far)

Just added on 04/12/2005


And now for the current pics:






And now for some even more current pics -
up to 7/12/05:
Now for the NEWEST of the pics -
Updated on 06/24/06
All new body kit from Reiger Tuning, and more!

So what does TT stand for anyway?

Basically it is a motorcycle race in the Isle of Man, and it still happens to this day!

It was so famous, and so well known that they named my car after it - lol


The story behind me and my TT:

So there I was looking for a cool sports car for about 6 months. My wife had her car, I had my truck and now I wanted a sports car. Money was not an issue, but I did not want a Vette or anything big that sucks a lot of gas, Ferrarri or Corvettes were out of the question. I started test driving some cars to get a better idea of what I wanted in a sports car. I drove a couple Honda's, the S2000 was an awesome car and I ALMOST bought it, but my golf clubs would never fit, I also drove the new Civic SI but it had no power. I drove an Acura RSX and again, no power. Then I drove a few bimmers and thought, the M3 had a ton of power, great handling but it did not have much personality, as well as the 330XI which had AWD which I thought was a cool idea.

Then I got to the TT, and when I drove it the first time, when it hit turbo @ around 3k, I was like, "Ummmmmm. ok, where do I sign".

No kidding, it was just like that. I bought and paid for the car right there on the spot and left my truck there (only to pick it up later with a friend that could drive it back, there was no way I was driving a truck again, not for a long time) and I have been a smilin' guy ever since. (Actually, I smiled a lot before this too - lol)

When I first got the TT, it obviously had some mods on it already as listed below. I was thinking one day while looking at my car, and thought to myself, "Self, what is carbon fiber made out of" and then answering myself (not really) I said, "huh, silver and black" and so the saga began.

I started to buy a few things that were carbon, the license plate holder, mirror covers and front grill were the first. And then, I have no idea what happened next, all of a sudden my car was covered. I have carbon fiber inside, out and even under the hood too.

So now, here we are in the summer of 2005, I just got back from my first real showing of the TT, and did not get 1st, 2nd or 3rd and partly because the OTHER ADAM was there (tighTT on AW) and his car is just simply put - AWESOME and there was no way I could compete with him. Regardless of the fact that I had no idea what the judges were looking for, they asked me to open my ashtray and glovebox and I was like - oh oh. So now next time I know, for the next show, my car will be, ummm lets say, immaculate, perfect, emptied and cleaned as well as polished.

I am not sure what I will do next to the TT, but rest assured, now that I have had the car over a year, there is really not much that I want to do. Maybe a big brake kit, and seats and harness and maybe a different suspension and enlarging the side intercoolers, or maybe even shaving the door handles, or some more custom body work, or maybe all of the above, and thensome?

Who knows, time will tell.

Regardless, where I go now, I am in the 4 ring family, a family of German car enthusiasts. Really the 2 closest are obviously VW and Audi. We are like blood. But the family also reached out to Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz as well as any other German cars. And then to have some even more distant cousins we can just incorporate any European car!

Really though, it is all about just loving cars. I see a 1963 split back window Corvette, and my jaw drops EVERY time as they are rare, only 1 year with the split back window.

Anyway, here are some stats:

Year: 2001
Make: Audi
Model: TT Quattro Coupe 225
Mods list before I bought the car:
Custom Painted Black top
Intake (changed since then)
Brullen Exhaust
APR Chip (Only 91 octane though)

Things I have done is amazingly long:
Added Performance Features:
Hyperboost DV
"TTDA, BAMM, 4 bar FPR", Boost machine (controller)
B&M Short Shift Kit (2 SSK's)
ECS tuning short shift kit (2 SSK's)
WAS Brembo sloTTed in front and plain rear rotors NOW Brembo 332mm BBK
Stainless steel brake lines
Clutch - WAS Stage 2 South Bend DXD Race Clutch - NOW Stage 3
APR chip (91, 93 & 100 octane programs)
Stainless steel braided fuel lines
Lightweight pulley system (NOT INSTALLED YET)
Samco hose kit in blue

Interior Features:
White Face Gauges
Raffi Hand made AWESOME shift knob
New custom floormats
Sparco Torino 2 seats
Shroth 4 point harness
Stable Energies harness bar
Momo Trek (R) steering wheel with custom alcantara
Custom hand stiched door panels

Other Interior Features:
Oil pressure gauge from Defi, installed in center dash vent
Boost gauge from Defi, installed in center dash vent
Carbon Fiber interior Door Handles
Carbon Fiber E-brake cover
Carbon Fiber interior kit from LLTek
Blue neon lights (inside only)

Exterior Custom Features:
Smoked side marker lights
Carbon Fiber rear spoiler
Carbon Fiber mirror covers
Custom Carbon Fiber Roof (yes the entire roof)
Shark fin antenna from new A4/A6
Darkened rear tail lights
Window tint - Limo tint in the rear and 20% everywhere else
Body Kit - WAS Rieger V1 body kit NOW Reiger TTR body kit
Flik Black Wasp 18"/with Bridgestone SO3 with custom center caps
17" OZ Racing Supperlegras (Saved for track days) with Falken Azenis Sport's
19mm Nuespeed rear sway bar

Other Custom Exterior Features:
Headlight mod (taking off the reflector and installing clear corners and “Angel Eyes” and then painting headlight housing silver custom mix)
Polished intake manifold

Future Upgrades:
2.0 Engine conversion with big turbo and downpipe
Custom sound enclosure for sub and amp
Alcantara headliner
Full K-Mac suspension kit
Ground Control Front Camber kit
As always, more carbon fiber

Bridgestone - Bridgestone S03 tires (so far)

Show Schedule 2007:
HIN Nightshift

Exposure (Magazine, Features, etc.):
None as of yet :(

3 years running - 1st place @ Treffen Midwest
1st place @ HIN Nightshift 2006 (Hottest Audi)
1st place HIN 2007 (Hottest Audi)
1st place (*local show) Rays Electronics Car Show

Thank you to all that have helped:
Steve Schwing, for all the phone calls and parts and much more! Modshack Rocks!
A&L Auto Body:
1979 W Dundee Rd
Palatine IL 60074-9218
Al @ CPT
GRD Performance
Body Werks (no link for them, crappy C/S)
The AW TT and Chicago Forums
The forums

The best shop in the world - - Chicago Performance and Tuning, Thanks AL :)

And everyone along the way - Thanks!

If I have forgotten anyone, or anything, email me anytime.

Events that I have attended so far:

Treffen 2004/2005/2006
Gingerman late in 2004
First GTG @ Fuddruckers in Schaumburg - 2005
TT-East 2005 ( Want to drive YOUR car - this is place!
Blackhawk Farms Raceway 2005
Autobahn Country Club (North course) 2005
Grattan Raceway 2005
2 Tire Rack Auto-x 2005
ALL Maywood Park Auto-x 2005
Waterfest 2005 (TT was in booth!)
HIN - Nightshift

There is more than this - but thats most.

We should all have goals in life! Mine is to MOD ;-)

P 847.489.2326